A strange PVP night on Spell Breaker

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A strange PVP night on Spell Breaker Empty A strange PVP night on Spell Breaker

Post by Bivo on Mon May 16, 2016 7:01 am

Tonight on the Spell Breaker Campaign, the Daggerfall Covenant was everywhere, holding most of the castles, ganking at the quest spots, hoarding five scrolls, while the Pact had one and the Dominion had none.

Then after the rush, the Pact begun to take back the castles, one by one.
At some point, the Emperor, wich is a Pact player (Frosti Animal or something like this, he is indeed a beast), managed to get a scroll.
There were not many people playing at this time, so I ended up alone to escort him back home.

I bravely gave my life during an ambush by 4 DC, yet it wasn't in vain, since he survived and brought back the scroll.

Then we took back the other two scrolls, and he gave them to two Dominion players, because he didn't want "this campaign to die".

Thus I spent the rest of the night escorting two Dominion players and the Emperor to the heart of Dominion territory, defeating the Covenant attacks on the way while trying not to kill each other, so the fight could continue in honor and dignity.
At this point we stoped the ninja scroll stealing, since leaving one of the factions naked was not the goal.

10/10 would betray my faction for lustful elves again

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A strange PVP night on Spell Breaker Empty Re: A strange PVP night on Spell Breaker

Post by TheRoadToSafety on Tue May 17, 2016 1:35 am

Great job soldier! You make this guild proud with such lovely stories of your exploits  cheers
I am surprised to hear that you were able to cooperate with Dominion players which would in Cyrodiil be considered "mortal enemies". I guess the old saying does hold some truth to it: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" Wink
I hope there will be many more similarly fierce campaigns fought in the nearby future. Glory to the Pact!

PS: Imagine my surprise logging into the game and seeing we've already captured and area of interest. Just warms my tiny black heart I tell you! pirat

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