Friday PVP Adventures!

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Friday PVP Adventures! Empty Friday PVP Adventures!

Post by NellieTheStrange on Thu Jul 21, 2016 8:36 am

Yeah, another weekend is almost here and I'd like to invite you all to join us this Friday to have some fun in Cyrodiil.

It's kinda selfish (ahaha), some of us would like to increase their skill line points and the best way to do that is ...
have fun with your shield-brothers and slash as much as you can, hehe! Cool Twisted Evil

What's my plan?
Clueless Queen is clueless. ;P

It depends on the situation on the map and the general amount of players in the zone.
If our wonderful enemies should decide to mob and play hide-and-kill with us, just again, I'd vote against invading their territory,
at least the towers and keeps, maybe some smaller places like lumbermills (worked quite well when Meek and I tried it all alone)
... but yeah, there are plenty opportunities and the final end of the event would be another Sewers Run, yesyesyes. ^^

Will start around 6.30/7.00 pm BST and will also do short-term announcements in the guild chat.
Please wear your guild tabard!

Questions? --- PM. Whisper. Mail in-game. Post here. Thank you. :3


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Friday PVP Adventures! Empty Re: Friday PVP Adventures!

Post by TheRoadToSafety on Fri Jul 22, 2016 6:48 pm

This is an quick update to the event which was supposed to take place today at 6.30/7 pm BST

Due to some unforseen internet connection issues I have to inform everyone that as of right now the event will have to be suspended until further notice.

It wasn't in the plan and I wish things could be better and that we could all play starting at the scheduled time but sadly that cannot happen now. Bad internet can be a source of distress during the most inopportune of times and especially if they're caused by weather patterns which can be highly unpredictable to begin with.

My apologies, I know this is an inconvenience and some of you were looking forward to the event. Rest assured that we'll have plenty of opportunities to host more of these wonderful events in the future as we have successfully done in the past.

Best of luck to everyone, a great gaming day to you and obviously no internet issues Wink

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