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Post by NellieTheStrange on Tue Jul 19, 2016 11:00 am

Hey guys ...

I hate to sound too bossy but there are sadly some things that need to be said.

When we do an event as a group (4 people and more) don't run away.
Don't start fights, don't decide on your own that you have to invade a certain place.

No matter who of us leads - it's just rude towards them and towards the group.
It happens often enough that the leader doesn't only has to maintain the group chat but also whispers.
They might know things that you don't know (yet). Running away while the whole group stands still  ...
well, it will probably get you killed. Or you'll "just" lose the group. That's not what we want for any of you.

So please, don't get yourself into trouble, stay with the group and help us help you. Thank you. :3


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