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Post by TheRoadToSafety on Thu Apr 21, 2016 4:52 pm

The forum has been constructed in order for guild members to socialize, exchange healthy and new ideas as well as knowledge related to ESO. We encourage open and honest discussions around whichever topics you prefer, with surprisingly few exceptions. The forum is here for your enjoyment and the benefit of all involved. It's an essential tool which keep us close and connected. It also allows us to help each other through our shared experiences. Although the forum can be seen as a huge positive, it is not without its risks. We want to make sure that it is not mis-used leading to a point where it is a detriment to our guild and its overall fame. For this reason, it's to our benefit to have several guidelines in order to prevent the forum from being used for the wrong reasons. Please appreciate and respect the rules described below - we expect everyone to follow them.

  • The forum must NOT be used to express degrading ideas regarding other players in the game and their respective guilds. As such, please don't use the forum for "slagging" other players / guilds off. This makes the The Unrelenting Force look bad and subsequently discourages others from using this lovely forum, which is not acceptable
  • Please refrain from posting images of a pornographic nature. This rule is pretty much a no-brainer but trolls will be trolls.
  • Images or content posted which may be deemed to cause offence to other members will be removed. Remember to post responsibly or not at all.
  • Please refrain from posting any sort of content which you think could cause offense to other members. Use common sense!
  • Although healthy debates are encouraged, any disagreements that escalate into full blown arguments should be taken away from the forum and settled in private conversations.
  • We do not accept any bullying activity or ganging up on others within the guild or the forum.
  • Please do not use the guild for commercial use. This includes advertising services which involve the exchange of funds. For example: social events outside of the game you are organizing, where you wish to invite guild members. Those are fine.
  • You may only use this forum in the "unlikely event" that you are a member of the Unrelenting Force guild Razz

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