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Post by TheRoadToSafety on Thu Apr 21, 2016 4:36 pm

  • Members who have been inactive in ESO for a period of 1 month may be removed from our guild. When the Unrelenting Force reaches the maximum number of players allowed, this period can be reduced to a limit of 7 days, but only if there is a waiting list of members willing to join us.
  • In case of any prolonged periods of absence due to unavoidable real life complications, members should notify an officer and make them aware as to prevent them from being removed from our lovely guild.
  • Whenever possible, guild events will kickoff at the time stated on the forum and members must make every effort to be there on time. If you are late, the group may be forced to replace you. Try not to take offence as this is just to avoid the entire group from being delayed. It's truly nothing personal.

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