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Guild Chat / Zone Chat Etiquette Empty Guild Chat / Zone Chat Etiquette

Post by TheRoadToSafety on Thu Apr 21, 2016 4:31 pm

  • Guild Chat and Zone Chat channels must NOT be used to express insults and negative opinions regarding other players in the game and their guilds. This makes the Unrelenting Force look bad and damages our reputation.
  • Members should not participate in or instigate arguments with other players within public chat channels.
  • Members should be polite and courteous with each other regardless of circumstance. Mistakes are bound to happen and during these events our members must be patient, understanding and practice self-control. Insulting, calling names or being generally impolite to others will not be tolerated.
  • Racist, abusive and overall offensive remarks made to fellow guild members will not be tolerated and could result in removal from the guild.
  • Dissatisfaction with another player or guild should be discussed privately and any complaints wished to be voiced must be delivered privately to an officer or our guild leader in order to be solved.
  • Although healthy debates are welcomed and needed, arguments between guild members should be discussed in private and not publicly or in guild chat.
  • Bullying behavior or Ganging up on fellow guildies will at no point be tolerated in any way.
  • Messages that makes the guild look bad should not be posted on public or guild chat channels.
  • Finally, all members must understand that the Unrelenting Force is an "English Speaking Guild" and as such any discussions in alternate languages must absolutely be kept away from our guild chat and done using private chat options. This is to prevent "cliques" or "groups" from forming and to promote the idea that we are all one family speaking the same language - while ensuring that nobody feels left out.

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